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Located in Santa Cruz, CA, Buoy Labs believes that we can't improve what we can't measure, and that the information our simple device collects about household water usage has a real, measurable impact on how we use and think about water.

The Buoy team is proud to have won gold in the Energy and Sustainability category at the 2017 Edison Awards. Buoy was named Best New Product in this highly competitive class.

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Our Team

We're a team of technologists, innovators and data scientists — passionate people who see an opportunity to enact real change in a space that often seems overwhelming: water. We believe this is a problem worth tackling, and that technology can get us to a better place.

Making homeowners more aware of the water they use is the starting point. Data drives decisions, and having their own water information will help them make more informed decisions around water usage in their homes and communities.

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Buoy Labs, Inc.
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We're located between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Cruz Mountains in beautiful Santa Cruz.

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