Goodbye, surprise water bills.
Hello, Buoy.

The Buoy™ smart water device uncovers how and where your household uses water. With Buoy, you can budget your water with certainty, take control of your water use, and put an end to high water bills.

Introducing Buoy

The solution to managing the water you use at home


Actionable insights

See where you're using water in your home, and compare your household use to your goals. With Buoy data, you can budget water for a lawn or pool, and get your water bill under control without big sacrifices to your lifestyle.


Leak notifications

A running toilet can double your household's daily water use. Buoy will notify you the minute it detects a leak so you can take action before wasting water and money.


Remote shut off

Shut off your home's water from the app on your phone, tablet and computer so you can investigate leaks — minor or catastrophic — when you get home. This prevents damage, and saves water and money.

Buoy Mobile App

Your powerful dashboard for water management

Buoy app

Buoy insights help you manage your water bill

Buoy's free app is available on the web or for your iOS or Android device. A simple dashboard displays complex analytics, shows you easy ways to save money and lets you turn off your water at the touch of a button if a leak occurs.

Coming Soon!

Pre-order your Buoy now for delivery in late summer.

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Buoy is on track to ship in late summer 2017, and we're taking orders now. You will not be charged until your order ships.

Edison Award

Buoy Wins 2017 Edison Design Award

We're honored to announce that Buoy, the first complete smart home device for managing household water use, won gold at the Edison Design Awards in New York! We're so proud of the work our design partners at Herbst Produkt have done to bring Buoy to life and further our vision for Buoy, making valuable and complicated technology simple for the user.

This is a particularly advantageous time for Buoy to launch. Water rates are increasing pretty quickly compared to other utilities.

Lucas Matney, TechCrunch

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